Monday, October 13, 2008

Curtain Call

No, I'm not suggesting anything dire. It's been a long while since my last post, and instead of whining about the state of my life/hectic schedule, I shall dig in with a post about the humble...shower curtain!! I didn't know it was so difficult to find a good solution that appeases the modern sensibilities! Forget the economy, find me a good shower curtain! As it turns out, we did find one, but the search was slightly frustrating. Who knew we'd find the winner at the Triple B Ranch (otherwise known as Bed, Bath, and All That Other Shit.) First, the last curtain we had, a brown geometric with orange bottom trim:

We looked at other geometric patterned curtains, but frequently found some that were too heavy-handed, or some that were close, but not quite:

Also, I'm all for representative, kitschy shower curtains--maps, periodic tables, parts of cow, etc. however, it didn't really fit the look we were going for. One of the cons of our bathroom is that it's immediately viewable from the top of the stairs. So it's really one of the first things folks see when they walk in. We needed something a little less edgy. However, it took all my strength not to snatch up these gems, mostly Marimekko designs you can find at CB2 or other:

Finally, we bought this little guy. One of the joys of this curtain is that up close, the printing is very good. In addition to being perfectly registered, there's a slight bleed in the trapping of the shapes, so that it gives the whole design a really calm, dreamy feeling. Perfecto!