Monday, March 23, 2009

Ye Olde Siren magazine

I just love Googling. Today I randomly searched on a magazine I designed with my co-conspirator Laura D. and found a blog post on the topic. In the 40 plus comments, a few of them sang the praises of the magazine and one even gave a shout-out to the cover I designed for Lili Taylor. The mag work resides in a special place in my heart b/c it was one of my first (albeit meagerly) paid jobs out of art school, and Laura and I designed much of it fueled on homemade breakfast after watching Martha Stewart in our pajamas, trips to Mel's diner for egg salad sandwiches, and beer. We also did a lot of xerox experiments that found their way into the layout. Ah, the glory days.

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Anonymous said...

wow-you really ought to be proud of that. ~xo