Thursday, May 29, 2008

cool shizz for thursday

I'm sick. With a really bad cold that makes me cry a little. Other symptoms:
1. Not so much a symptom, but I am also enjoying that time of the month. Kill me now.
2. Headache in tandem with neckache. 2 Tylenol every 5 hours does the trick.
3. Insatiable appetite for junk food. Luckily in my fridge I've got some leftover Paxti's deep dish and cooked it right up. This is a dangerous and somewhat problematic symptom.

To make me feel better, here's some cool design shizz for Thursday. L. and I went to a little shop on Upper Market on Saturday, before the Capsule Design Fair in Hayes Valley: Rare Device.
Great shop with tons of art books. We discovered and bought a book of artwork by Evan Hecox:.

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