Saturday, May 31, 2008

Seasonique (R)

Um, I don't think it's in Nature's plan for women to have ONLY 4 PERIODS A YEAR. The hell? Introducing: Seasonique! There have been many a pharmammercial that have raised my eyebrows, but this takes the cake. Don't mess with the plumbing, ya'll! What effect does this have on ovulation? Implantation? Hormone levels? Good Christ! Don't even try to explain it to me. Don't. Because I don't believe you.

Here's your cool thing for Saturday. Not my cup of tea normally, but i'm fascinated by these pieces by Brian Dettmer of Centripetal Notion. They are "book autopsies". I picture this guy with coke-bottle glasses, hunched over an art desk, surrounded by Exacto blades. Check 'em out.

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Anonymous said...

I have my period now. bummer. but at least it will be gone by Sayulita times!