Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This weekend: SF ZineFest!

Be there or be...not there. But really, be there. Because I'll be there, sitting behind a table I'm sharing with my friend LaDonna Willems, poet and writer. We partnered on her book of poetry together last year; I designed the book. We'll be sitting there and I'll be the one looking somewhat awkward and reading magazines whilst drinking cherry cola. My other friend Melissa Fondakowski will also be there, hawking her fantastic recent book of poetry. It should be a great opportunity to pimp out my design services and see some more good shit. So get your buns over to the ZineFest if you can. It promises to be yet another DIY fiesta fantastico!

My promo postcard. Git it.


Anonymous said...

I'm your frehn!

Lo said...

hollah at yo' bitches.

Sheri said...

you and zinefest rock!