Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thank God for memes

...or I wouldn't have anything to post! I'm in a rut! Or rather, a lull! However, my friends have been saying the darnedest things that every day I want to make them the quote of the day. And then I promptly forget them. I should wear one of those necklace paper pads with pencil a la Holly Hunter in The Piano. But I digress...

My pal Poet With A Day Job's got a list, and my pal LaDonna took it next. Now me:

1. The Last Book I Purchased:
The Food Snob's Dictionary, An Essential Lexicon of Gastronomical Knowledge. Since I'm not in culinary school or apprenticing at Gary Danko, I thought this would help me with some french foodie terms. Or the pronunciation of the names of famous culinary figures. Or for definition of certain menu items ("salsify" and "concasse"). And it does! It is rather tongue-in-cheek though, and is not at all what I would call a comprehensive volume of culinary knowledge. A fun read all the same, perhaps perfect for a certain room in the house...

2. The Last Film I Purchased:
Sarah Silverman's Jesus Is Magic. A live DVD. Does that count? If not then it would have to say "The Birdcage" because shamefully, I never had it on DVD. I know, I know. I couldn't believe it myself. So back to "Jesus Is Magic": I haven't watched it yet but I'm sure my mouth will be left hanging open from laughter and shock. And awe. And shock.

3. The Last Music or Spoken Word I Purchased:
Raising Sand, with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. Somewhat unlikely but surprisingly good pairing. It smacks of alt country, bits of bluegrass, and a pinch of folk. T Bone Burnett produced it so whaddya expect. It's good I'm-working-on-something-at-3-am kind of music. It's also "hm, yeah, I guess I am thirty-six" kinda music. Sigh. I might as well pack it up and move to Scarsdale.

p.s. Dear Tim Gunn, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum, and Natalie Portman:
YOU. ARE. WRONG. Suede's dress was NOT cute. And Suede should have gone home for just being Suede. And on what planet is Terri's blue dress not the winner? You go, Miss Terri. I'm starting to feel a backlash to the backlash to the backlash with Project Runway right now. Don't even get me started.

What the fuck is this shit? From the mind of Suede, ladies and gentlemen. I get it, ok? But the execution is horrible, in my opinion.

Work it out, Terri. Challenge requirements met and exceeded, thank you.


Jojo said...

yes. Exactly my angry inner monologue as i was watching the Runway....even on TV, you could tell Suede needed sewing lessons...and that shit DID look like ballerina Barbie, Ms. Portman! Terri's dress was "girlicious"....I would have bought IT off Bluefy fo sho. But not that candystriper on crack wanna be a Bratz doll hoopla..no sir. you cut me deep, Tim Gunn. you cut me real deep this time.

kathy said...

hahhahahh! well said, jo. also, how the hell does bluefly think they can mass-produce this rag? ugh. no thank you.
it's so strange that all the top pieces were excused from the runway. i'm perplexed. sigh.

Anonymous said...

oh wow I totally agree: that blue dress is ten times better than that crazy satin thing. no one would ever wear that crazy satin thing. ever. never ever ever. and if they did they'd be in the worst dressed column in US being made fun of.

kathy said...

yes! a million times yes!

another thing: look at the styling on both. um...terri's styling from head to toe is ON POINT. accessories, hair, bedonkadonk. amen. that's all.

Sheri said...

get the pad o paper necklace! get it! can't wait!

i'm behind on project runway, and i feel very empty inside. but in agreement, sister. in agreement!