Monday, August 18, 2008

Brett Favre should tear a few ligaments during the next Jets game.

Just came back from a weekend in the heartland: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, in Milwaukee. Good to see the sis and bro-in-law, and tons of fun seeing the rest of the family on the Schmidt/Phillips side. A few key lessons and takeaways from a weekend in Wisconsin.

1. Do not ever root for a team other than the Packers, especially during a Packer game when in the company of children raised in Packer country. Seems fairly intuitive, no? I guess I just didn't know how deep the well ran where Packer love is concerned. These kids looked at me like I was insane. Not like your garden-variety "oh whatever, (insert opposing team's name here) sucks!" It was like they just could not process how a person who was not a Packer fan was actually let in the house. I hope they weren't too traumatized with my cheering for the 49ers. Note to self: rooting against the Packers is up there between murder and adultery on the tablets. The shit is Real, folks.

2. Cocktails are tasty in the heartland. I loved the Moscow Mule, the Dark n' Stormy, and of course, the Old Fashioned. All very good!! Watch out cuz I've got the recipes.

3. Fish Fry is an important event/dish. It's like a Dishevent. I now basically see it as one of the major food groups.

4. When they say they have had 400 feet of snow, it doesn't really matter if it's cumulative or not, does it?

To little Monroe and Irene:

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