Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dynamo Donut

Uh, I just had a farking awesome doughnut. No, for realz. I almost can't write about it. The darn thing lived up to the hype.

Before going out to Dillon Beach today, we went to get some fried pieces of goodness at a Dynamo Donut on 24th in the Mission. This is what I had, the chocolate spiced doughnut:

Mmkay. Some of the thoughts that ran through my mind while eating it:

Mexican chocolate.
Chile powder.
Crisp edges.
Not too rich.
Better than cake.
Better than doughnut.
Kitty cats.

LOVED! Go get 'em. Look for the wall-wide, streetfront pickup window. Hip vibe but the counter folks are very sweet. Didn't have the coffee (cuz I was drinking my favorite chai) but I hear it's up there with the best of 'em. Damn good execution, folks!

Dynamo Donut
2760 24th St
(between Hampshire St & York St)


Anonymous said...

Give me a donut! Those sound so awesome! And why do I not know Dillon's beach - oh wait! yes I do...isn't the ride SO LOVERLY!?!?!?

kathy said...

i will take you to the donut place! it's on 24th, and it doesn't even have a line around the corner. Yet. grr.

yeah, lani's boss has a beach house right on that beach. it was way fun! but foggy that day.

Sheri said...

oh dear...come to mama!