Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who, meme?

When I am at my weakest, blogwise, I return to the meme! I sure do love a good one. Luckily I was tagged by my pal M. a few weeks ago. This meme is the ultimate in navel-gazing. Ladies and gentlemen, 16 little-known facts about me:

1. It does not make me queasy to leave CD cases empty, their contents strewn about in a disorganized way.
2. If or when I have kids, I'd like to skip ages 3-14 and go right to their sophomore year in high school.
3. I hold in highest regard the ability to give a firm and friendly hug.
4. I am the worst procrastinator when it comes to sending things in the mail. Among other factors, I find I never have stamps.
5. I would like to study to be a master carpenter someday.
6. Sometimes I think I could be a better-than-average actor.
7. I once had flying phobia and have now licked it for good, although I am dreading my first flight to Australia or Southeast Asia.
8. I sound exactly like my sister on the phone.
9. I took college courses for credit when I was in seventh grade.
10. I played piano in a group performance in the Florida capitol rotunda once in eighth grade.
11. I am in constant search of the perfect surf shop hoodie.
12. I have absolutely no problem taking a long nap in the middle of the day. As a result, I worry that my net time spent sleeping is...a lot.
13. I only read food literature these days.
14. When I really like something (i.e. tasting food, shopping for clothing), I will start cursing ("this is the fucking best piece of meat I've ever had")
15. I crave long road trips when I can sing with my custom-made mix tape at the top of my lungs.
16. I wonder when we are ever going to be able to buy a house.


Anonymous said...

LOL - you played piano in "The Rotunda" I LOVE IT!!!!

shannon said...

i've witnessed the fab food = swearing... it's quite charming!