Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to School

This post is dedicated to my friend L., who started her first day of schoo..I mean, work, at a new job today! She hates being the new girl, and who doesn't? Nothing a few nifty office products can't fix, and believe me, I am an office supply WHORE. I have so many journals, agendas, day planners, notebooks--I just can't get enough of 'em! Thankfully I use them all, however that doesn't explain why I'm still disorganized. Anyway.

Here's a sampling of supplies that will boost your productivity and your serotonin levels from their sheer fabulousness!

I got this day planner recently from my friend A., and it makes me smile every day. It's the Non-Planner's Day Planner. Perfect for non-type-A's such as myself. Every day is a different illustrated format!! It's like a grown-up version of Highlights activities or something.

This next planner is a lovely horizontally formatted day organizer, from the folks at whoMi. I love the heft and the size, and especially the waterproof plastic cover. And Helvetica strikes again. Throw this planner in your Hobo bag and look chic and unique. You've got your shit together, girl.

For those who need giant rubber bands for...the things we need giant rubber bands are a set of lovely colored bands for your pleasure. I imagine you could even print or stamp a design on these bands, for added fun! Nice palette.

Lastly, for write-on-the-run pad fun, here are some cool objets from our Canadian friends at Uppercase (we love them). The covers are made from plastic sign letters. Could anything be more beautiful? You're gonna make it after all!


Lo said...

I lurve ye.

Anonymous said...

OMG such a nice bag and a nice giant rubber band!