Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Open houses suck

Some things overheard during our apartment open house this evening:

"There's only 1 bedroom!!" (said incredulously). DUDE. If you're in this apartment, you have seen the listing and made an appointment to be here. You know full well it's a 1 bedroom, you ASS. Dumbass. ASS.

"I think it must've been built in 1920." WRONG. It's 1900. You're off by twenty. Get the fuck out.

"There's a ton of storage for a building this old." Uh-huh. So buy it already.

"Can we play through?" -said by broker as he passed by us in the living room. Actually, I appreciated his good humor. He wasn't smarmy when he said it. And he was a cute old guy. You're okay, Brokerman.

Now for the cool shizz for Wednesday. Here's a great book by American artist Charley Harper, who in the mid-century created these super-cute graphic illustrations. No surprise they're all the rage by modernist interior designers wanting to get their sweaty paws on some prints for their client's nurseries. Todd Oldham helped to design this book in collaboration with Harper.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Love the new masthead! so pretty!