Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ok. I know you mean well. Really. I know you want the best for us and it may seem doable in your minds, but please. I cannot afford to buy the near-one-million-dollar house that I am currently RENTING. There's an episode in Sex and the City where Charlotte dates a guy who may or may not be gay. So all through the episode, folks are trying to figure out if this guy is gay or straight--he loves her Cynthia Rowley dress, but flirts incessantly with her. He gives her props in front of Carrie and Stanford, then kisses her on the...forehead. Right before making the "magic" happen, Charlotte asks him straight out (heh) if he's gay, to which he replies, "Charlotte, I am a 34 year-old pastry chef living in Chelsea. If I were gay, I would be gay." So to all my sweet and caring friends who currently own their house in the Bay Area (and God bless you if you do), if I could buy this house, I wouldn't BE RENTING IT, NOW WOULD I?

We will miss you, sweet Chattanooga apartment.


Anonymous said...

oh no! everyone is telling you to buy it! I am sad you have to leave. I am mourning the loss of the Chattanooga Choo Choo. I have loved your couch for hours on end, and your beautious design and decor.

let me know what you are up to...we're moving this week/weekend.

Leah said...

Sorry, Kathy--The Grand Chattanooga was such a great spot. I had many happy times there, mostly being slothful and eating delicious things while enjoying the faboo decor. Who could ask for more?

The good news is that anywhere you live is sure to be gorgeous, because you will make it so! You sure do know how to trick out an apartment.