Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Plush toys=pillows

Today's recommended daily dose of plushness comes courtesy of The Container Store. I love The Container Store. Why do I love The Container Store? Because when I want to contain things, I know where to go to purchase such containing products. Used to be I went to Target, and with some certainty, I knew I would find something fairly attractive or at least appealingly generic. I mean, Target owns that angle. But it was a roll of the dice just the same: you never knew if your Des Moines Target Greatland might be out of stainless steel pasta containers with the transparent peephole. And God help us all if they were. Then, with little fanfare, The Container Store entered the arena and they were Clean! Well-ordered! Well-managed! Well-merchandised! and they had the same sense of generic-to-modern style that Target so capably executes. Huzzah! (<--who came up with this exclamation? It's so 18th century.)

So featured above are the Comfort Creature Travel Buddy Pillows. You can also get the Comfort Creature Travel Blankets. These are geared to small children--and me.

Look how cute! These ain't just for travelin'.

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